Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WITL sidenote

I just linked up to Day 2 of Ali's blog.  While I was there I thought I'd take a few minutes to visit a couple of the blogs who also linked.  Let me just say that I'm in awe right now.

In the course of 5 minutes I have visted with people (women, I assume) from 6 different countries and VERY different lifestyles. I visited another home in the USA, Australia, Indonesia, Germany (which is one country I am very fond of), and two blogs that I could not even guess which country they are from Here and Here.  I love looking at the people, the objects, even the groceries, of these women.  I don't know why the world still seems so big, when we are really so similar.

Thank you, Ali, for this project, for the Linky on your blog, and most importantly, for the opportunity for little ole me to visit so many wonderful places around this globe of ours. :)

Update: one of those blogs from an unknown place is Sweden. Thanks for emailing me, Marie!


  1. Oh, Nicky, thanks so much for the links. I hadn't thought to look through that on Ali's site. What a wonderful glimpse into life around the world. I hope Ali knows how far-reaching this project is. It's just amazing. I'm guessing India for the unknown one, but I don't know any Hindi and I'm not sure.

  2. hi nicky,
    thanks for visiting my blog :)
    i also love to see the different ways of life all over the world!
    which part of germany is your grandmother from?
    lots of greetings,

  3. Lisa- Oh I would love to learn more about India. Maybe I'll email her. :)

  4. Bina- So nice to meet you! My grandmother is from Munchen. She was born there and married and moved away when she was 18. About 10 years ago I was able to go to Bayern and see the farm my great grandfather was born on! It was a wonderful experience! What a beautiful state!


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