Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Interviews with my boys

I love interview/ survey type layouts. It lets us have a little insight to people that they may not think to write down otherwise. I often ask my kids to answer questions, and I type them up in Evernote for putting on layouts later. I did good this time- I asked the questions and got them on layouts within a week!  Plus I used half way recent photos!

template-I Love You template album by Cilenia Curtis  coming Feb 1st to Digitals
papers and wordart-A Study in Gray and Yellow by Angie Young   coming Feb 1st to Digitals
font- Minion Pro

I used the same template and the same kit components for both layouts. I just changed around where I used the papers for each layout. It doesn't matter- they are going in different albums anyway. The point is, now I know that my younger son wants to be a dentist when he grows up. Who knew?! lol


  1. LOVE these Nicky, love how you capture little moments in time with these type of interview LO's. Have to have that template too, will be looking out for it when it comes in store :)

  2. Thanks, Joc! I love these types of pages, too. When I look back at other pages that I've made- it's these that I love the most- more than the ones I tried to use a new technique or kit or whatever. :)

  3. Awesome pages Nicky! I love reading their responses. I think my favorite was Austin's when you asked him what he does with his mom and he responded "hugs." I love your questions too! The layout design is wonderful also.

  4. I love that Brett wants to be a video game designer. That was my older son's dream when he was little and he's still hoping at 22 to somehow make his way into that kind of career. These are fun layouts, Nicky! Great questions!! I wish I had done this when my kids were little. :)

  5. These are wonderful layouts Nicky! I used to do question and answer layouts with my girls, but it has been years since I last made one. Thanks for inspiring me to get back to creating them again!

  6. Thanks so much, Angie! I'm glad I inspired you!

  7. Can we say SCRAPLIFT! Love this idea!


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