Friday, October 26, 2012

Cookies: Halloween themed

I made some cookies for a local bake sale to benefit The Great American Bake Sale and Share Our Strength.

The cookies with sticks went into a basket for the silent auction. The cookies without sticks went into sealable lunch bags to be sold at the bake sale table.

I had to admit the skull intimidated me. I only baked one.  I started icing it, looking at a drawing on Google, and got this far and decided he was perfect, just as he is!

My cats didn't make it into the collage.  They turned out ok.  I dropped eyeballs (that I made last week with white and black royal icing) into the wet black icing and they turned out cute.

I have to admit when I saw this cookie cutter I had no idea what shape it was. I looked on the box and saw it was a witch. I think she came out pretty awesome!  Even the warts!

I give total credit to Sweet Sugar Belle for the inspiration (and instruction) for these Frankies!! I totally copied her. She is a cookie Goddess!! Go check out her blog! You'll be lost for hours! (Never mind. If you do you'll see that hers are so much cuter than mine.) ;)

Doesn't it look like the bats are flying around your head?!

Here are most of the cookies together. These will be for the bake sale table.

I love the Haunted sign!  I bought the cookie cutter from Plastics in Print on Etsy. The only cookie cutter I could ever find of that shape (what the heck do you call that shape, anyway??!) was a copper cookie cutter that costs around $16!  I don't think so!  Then another awesome cookie decorating blogger posted pictures of a cookie of this shape, and I asked her where she bought her cutter, and she told me about PIP! Woot for helping fellow bloggers out!

This is what the final cookie basket for the silent auction looks like. How much would you bid?

I think they turned out so dang cute that I might have to keep the cookies and donate cash!! ;)

(For more information about making cookies, see my tutorials from Cookie Week. For more cookie ideas, see all my cookie posts.)


  1. I don't think it is fair for you to post such yummy treats when we have no way to sample them ;>) Hopefully Austin, Brett, and DH got the "rejects".
    Truly they look holiday perfect and will make a great addition to the fundraiser. So cute and you are so talented!

  2. I would definitely bid for these cookies. . . how high do these bids go? I love, love, love the ghost and the frankinstein! You're right that that plastic sign cookie cutter is awesome. But your writing on it is even more awesome! Gosh my hand would shake like crazy. I would start the bidding at $35 if I was there and see where it went from there.

  3. Me want cookies!! heehee You are so talented, Nicky, and never cease to amaze me! Good luck with the fundraiser. Somebody is going to be very lucky to get these, and I'm already jealous of them. ;)

  4. I am so impressed with the frosting job. They look great. And I did not know you could even put cookies on a stick. TFS.


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