Monday, January 21, 2013

Layout: Roundup pages part 1

After my post yesterday I got right on the ball. I went into Lightroom and chose my favorite photos from December. Then I made this:

papers: Color Play 4 by Angie Young
Tis the Season card: Ali Edwards
my handwriting with Wacom tablet
fonts: KopanyicaStrasse & Helvetica Neue


It was super easy. I used Ali's Christmas card and went from there. (When I was done I saved it as a template so I can use it again for another month.) It's simple rectangles. No shadows or anything. I used an artsy paper in the background to spice it up a little. I also used my own handwriting, using a Wacom tablet and the brush tool, to write the month and the "twenty."

After I finished that layout, I made this one for November:

papers & rubon: ColorPlay 3 Let's Play by Cilenia Curtis
Overlays on background: Color Play 3 Summer's Edge by Cilenia Curtis
my handwriting with Wacom tablet
fonts: KopanyicaStrasse & Helvetica Neue

Same deal. I used the previous template and moved a few things around for variety.  This time I used a cardstock solid as the background and two overlays- one for each side. I also used a "rubon" png over the white rectangle for the journaling block. Very easy.

I'm finding this too go quite smoothly and I look forward to finishing off 2012 in a week or so. Then I won't feel so bad about the 80,000 photos on my hard drive. ;)

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