Thursday, January 3, 2013

Layouts: Christmas and Blogging

Happy New Year!

The last few weeks I have been trying to decide if I'll continue blogging. It's not a regular thing for me, and it's definitely not a money making thing. It's a hobby. I like to share with my friends when I make crafts or decorate cookies. I like to share my layouts and help out my friends at Scrap Art Studio by listing my supplies. But sometimes I wonder if it's safe- showing all these pictures online. I don't share everything- some things are definitely private, and being an Air Force wife, there are things I can't share if I wanted to. So I thought I'd give it a break for a while...

Then I sat and made 4 layouts on January first.  And one on the second. and I started one today, and I just can't not share them. :)  Welcome to my world! lol

Kit: Believe by Cilenia Curtis
templates (pages 1 and 4)- Fotoblendz by Anna Aspnes
fonts: my handwriting by Darcy Baldwin, Arial Narrow

That's it. :)
That's how I did 4 layouts in one day!

The next day I made this one about the sewn gifts I made for Christmas gifts. I told you about the zippy bag I made, but I also made 2 tote bags, a purple zippy bag, and two brown First Aid kits for my boys to take on their scouting hikes. (They are man approved. My husband himself said they weren't too girly.)

So here is that layout:

Artist Toolbox 04 brush by Cilenia Curtis (always)
Artist Toolbox 12 texture by Cilenia Curtis (the background paper, with a blend mode over beige)
FYA Together stitches by Cilenia Curtis
fonts: Champagne & Limosines and I can't remember the title font. I'll find it later. :)

Thanks for checking in. I hope 2013 is a fabulous year for you. :)

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