Friday, March 8, 2013

Cookies: The Embroidered Look

I have some gorgeous cookies to share today!

(Has anyone else noticed that I have a lot fewer layouts and a lot more baked goods in the past few months?)

Anyway, I had some glaze icing leftover from the camera cookies I made, so I put a base layer on these cookies I made at the same time. Then I decided to try this technique I had seen, pinned and saved in Evernote not too long ago.

These cookies were so easy to make! And I love them! 

I saw this video on Youtube (I can't remember HOW I found it, but I found it) and although I used a bigger tip and possibly thinner icing, I just love how the cookies turned out.

I ended up sending them to two of my friends who are fighting cancer and I thought might need a little happy mail (although probably not sugar).  I hope they enjoyed them!


  1. The cookies are so attractive. Love the dainty leaves!!


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