Thursday, September 12, 2013

WITL 2013

Hello friends! How's it going? It's been CRAZY around here! From a vacation, a weekend full of driving, school starting along with PTA, cub scouts, and boy scouts.... Breathe!!

To top it all off, this is A Week in The Life via Ali Edwards!

Today is the fourth day. I have taken about 200 photos so far this week. I am not near as on it as I was in 2008, but I've lasted longer than two days, which is how long I lasted in 2010. lol

This year I downloaded Ali's free sheets. I've managed to fill them out pretty well so far. Well, the "by the hour" sheet, not the one that includes food, observations, overheard, gratitude, and favorite moment.  Those would be better, I think, as far as meaningful journaling, but I've not managed to get those written each day.  I've never used the sheets before. Usually I just open a file in Evernote and type when I think of it. 

I need some ideas to take around the house. The last time I completed a WITL, it was 2008, I lived in Alaska, and I have a small snowman in my pages. Now, not so much. I still have a lot of the same furniture, clothes, etc. I took pictures and did layouts of the kids' rooms a few months ago, so I don't need more pictures of those this soon. I've been way too busy to cook, so I don't need many food pictures.  Any help here? Anyone? :)

Here are a few that I've taken so far:

Are you doing WITL? How's it going?

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